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A job in the general health industry can be a great option for a solid career that will survive the changing job markets of today. In particular, oral health can be a fun and rewarding career option for those considering a professional healthcare occupation that serves all ages and backgrounds. Choosing a career in dental service provides you the greatest advantage: a career that will always keep you employed in a well-paying, professional setting.
As a dental assistant, you will assist dentists in their work with patients on a daily basis. You will also receive a stable pay and work schedule, utilize a standard uniform, and be able to provide chairside assisting to the dentist in everyday technical tasks.
To get you ready, we have tailored a program that works with you. We understand the many challenges that face potential students, from responsibilities in the home to finances or time for classes. Therefore, we have created a program that can meet these challenges and give students a chance to succeed.
Our program prepares you for your new career by offering you hands on learning, competitive tuition rates, and qualified instructors who will teach you the skills you need to be a successful employee.
IPC Dental Assistant School provides the latest in cutting-edge techniques and skills to make you a competent dental assistant. When you market yourself to potential employers, you will have a competitive edge against other potential candidates with our name and experience behind you!
The Standard Occupation Classification Code, also known as the SOC Code, is a guideline that discusses the qualifications for dental assistants in Las Vegas, NV. We at IPC Dental Assistant School prepare our students and follow the general guidelines provided. 


Research the code online for more information or call us about our dental assistant school in Las Vegas, NV.
Get a Head Start with Hands-On Training!
Institute of Professional Careers offers a Dental Assistant program, through externships and relevant clinical training.

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